Queens Vodka


Queens vodka is crafted by hand and made from the purest Queens spring water. Our ultra premium vodka is crafted using original Queens  tehniques, with zero additives from high quality Slovenian ingredients. Ten times destillation  and special Queens patended filtering are aproaches to vodka crafting that make our vodka extraordinary.

The key to quality lies in the type of raw materials being used, the distillation technique and the quality of the bottling.

Design: Every bottle is a numbered hand crafted work of art.

We belive in exellence so trust your instincts and drink Queens vodka.

Characteristics of Queens Vodka…

NOSE Clear, fresh with an elegant vanilla aroma accented by a subtile raspberry note.

PALATE Initially soft with a gentle sweetnes that gradually envelopes the mouth. It has a luxourious smooth and rounded texture with a hint of vanilla.

FINISH Excelent taste is upgraded with a fresh, long, round and satisfying finish.

ALCOHOL (Alc % vol): 38%, CONTENT: 70 cl


Sledite nam

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