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About Queens vodka

Welcome to Queens vodka.

We push back the boundaries of luxury and exellence.

Luxury is now redifined.

To create Queens vodka we use selected wheat grains and pure Queens spring water. To achieve the Queens level of quality we use only the finest and purest ingredients.

One of the most original characteristic of Queens vodka is its unique distilation process. Queens vodka becomes its exceptionally smoothnes by its 10 times distilation. Its special recognisaly cristal clearnes it becomes thrue special Queens patented two times microdistilation.

Thats all becouse our only goal is to create a superior vodka of the highest quallity possible.

In Queens vodka nothing is added to enhace or mask the taste becouse it contains no additives. Nothing but the pure luxury spirit of Queens and the taste which you will never forget. This is the true power of recognition of our exceptional royal elixir-Queens vodka.Our philosophy ist o place quality over quantity, so Queens Vodka ist the result of our passion for exellence.

So If enjoying only the very best vodka is your quest, only drink our Queens vodka.


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